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03-Aug-2017 20:46

This is not only a huge financial step but it also shows that your partner is ready for long term commitment. You are a critical factor on his important life decisions. He needs you in his life and he is willing to sacrifice some things to secure your relationship.

One of the top signs he wants to marry you is that he constantly makes a real effort to bring you in the general frame.

They take it for granted you will join them and he even gets mad when you can’t make it. If your boyfriend has already decided that you are going to be a perfect mom, then it’s clear that you have one of the best signs he wants to marry you.

He respects your privacy and he prefers to learn these little secrets from you rather than taking a sneak peek in your past. These little things might sound trivial, but believe me they make a huge difference.

In other words, he’s just making new friends with your family without having a hidden agenda. One of the greatest signs he wants to marry you is when you find a common language that goes beyond the grant plans in life to the more day to day stuff.

Marriage is all about finding common interests and being ready to live a whole life with a partner enjoying the same things.

or “I prefer you give me a boy first and then a girl”.

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These are all signs he wants to marry you without a doubt. Or he makes plans with your father for a poker night, bowling or something similar.When his hobbies become your team hobbies, then you have one more item checked on the list of signs he wants to marry you.

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